Magic DVD Copier 7.1.1+Serial Number

AksFullShare-Download Completely free Magic DVD Copier 7.1.1. Magic DVD Copier is a very easy and powerful DVD copy software, which can copy any DVD movie to blank DVD without any loss of quality, or compress a DVD9 movie to fit on a 4.7 GB DVD. You need only insert your DVD movie and a blank DVD then press “Start”, everything will happen automatically and complete within 20-60 minutes. Then you can enjoy the new DVD on any PC or Home DVD Player.

Magic DVD Copier can also copy DVD movies to hard drive without any loss of quality. You can enjoy them anytime without DVD discs. Can copy or rip these copy protected DVDs (Continuously update)

Key Features :
  1. Copy DVD movie to blank DVD in 1:1 mode
  2. Compress a DVD9 movie to a 4.7 GB blank DVD
  3. Split a DVD9 movie to two 4.7 GB blank DVDs without any loss of quality
  4. Copy main movie or specified titles only
  5. Copy DVD movie to hard drive and burn DVD movie from hard drive
  6. Remove all the restrictions of DVD (CSS, Region, RCE, Sony ARccOS, PuppetLock)
  7. Automatically download the decryption files for new protected DVDs we’ve fixed
  8. High speed, copy a full DVD disc in 1:1 mode within 20-40 minutes
  9. Very easy to use, just by one click
  10. Support almost all DVD Writers and blank DVDs (DVD-R,DVD-RW,DVD+R,DVD+RW,DVD+R DL,DVD-R DL)
  1. Magic DVD Copier 7.1.1 Part1
  2. Magic DVD Copier 7.1.1 Part2
  3. Magic DVD Copier 7.1.1 Part3
Password : aksfullshare.blogspot.com

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